Who are the Friends?

We are an association of people, not necessarily churchgoers, who love St. James' Church, a Grade 1 Listed Building which is over 500 years old, and want to preserve its beauty, fabric,furniture and churchyard for those who follow us. We are interested in the history, life and work of St. James’ and are anxious to maintain its historic presence within Nayland. In the years to 2021, every single penny raised has gone towards maintaining and improving St. James’.

Why does our Church need the Friends?

After establishment costs, the annual income of St.James' does not even cover the normal maintenance of the building, let alone the additional costs necessary to maintain a Listed Building. The Parish can never meet the ongoing need for restoration and improvement which is required if St. James' is to continue to serve its parish and the community in its varied roles.

What do the Friends do?

We have created a fund from subscriptions, donations, legacies and fund raising events from which we pay for maintenance and improvement of the fabric of St. James'
Church. Each year a report of the previous year's activities and of future needs is sent to Members and the Annual General Meeting is held in February or March. The Friends of St. James' Church, Nayland was formed in 1995. Since that date and up to 2021, our expenditure on the fabric of St. James' Church has amounted to more than £140,000. Work carried out during this period has included:
Repairs to the fabric required by the Quinquennial Survey
Restoration of the organ and loft
Re-organising interior spaces to suit wider use
Renewal of the heating and rewiring
Repair and re-leading of stained glass windows
A new wrought iron gate at the south west porch and the restoration of others
Resurfacing of the Churchyard paths
Resurfacing the roof of the tower and renewal of exterior stonework
A Kneeler Project
Repair and re-gilding the clock and weathervane

The Parochial Church Council now hopes, with our help, to increase the open space at the rear of the nave to allow for a better meeting space, to improve the heating and repair a leaking roof. We will be asked to support these expensive improvements, so please subscribe, as we need all the help we can get!
Please Complete and then return the attached Application Form for Membership

Paying by B.A.C.S is a great help. If you are a taxpayer, please consider subscribing under Gift Aid to enable the Friends to reclaim tax thereon.

We thank you for your interest and support.